How Auksalaq Works

The elements of Auksalaq, including computer music and instrumental score, photography, film, commentary, movement and audience interaction were created specifically with the intrinsic nature of the Internet in mind. Optimally the music occurs on four to six simultaneous remote stages across the Internet, each with its own audience. Each audience experiences a live event and also experiences performances in remote locations. In no single location will the audience perceive the full work. In this way the musical spatial architecture underscores the geography of interconnection.  Like an ecosystem, these musical elements create interacting layers that form to one macro-timbre. The musical pieces are thus designed to sound complete independently while transforming to rich and intricate structures.

The diagram to the left illustrates how the various elements of the opera will work together over high-bandwidth networks.  Each site performs specific works, and also has other elements, such as musicians and speakers  Performers are broadcasts to other sites, where they are also mixed in with existing media content that each site mutually possesses.  In this fashion, all four sites have access to all of the material of the opera, yet no site will have the identical performance.