Miami University Performing Arts Series
Featuring EcoSono Ensemble, Oxford, Ohio; November 4, 2019,

National Graphic on Campus
National Geographic Foundation, University of Virginia Environmental Resilience Institute
Featuring EcoSono Ensemble, University of Virginia, February 6, 2019

Cultures of Energy 7 Festival, 2018
The Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences, Moody Center for the Arts, Rice University, Houston Texas.  April 13-14, 2018. Featuring EcoSono Ensemble and Loop38

Internet2 2012 Network Performing Arts Symposium: New World Symphony, Miami Beach, Florida
March 5, 2012
Performers, Miami Beach
Raina Murnak, voice and master of ceremonies Katherine Daugherty, trombone Ann Fink, violin Dylan Girard, Trumpet!
Michael Linville, piano David Meyer, cello Elizabeth Phelps, violin Cassandra Rondinelli, flute Elzbieta Weyman, viola
Media/IT Team: Jordan Munson (IUPUI) Justin Trieger, New World Symphony
Indianapolis Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center (IUPUI)
Production Director: Chuiyuan Meng; Michele Cooper, percussion Josh Emanuel, percussion Erzsébet Gaal, Harp
University of Virginia Interactive Media Research Group
Production: Matthew Burtner, David Topper, and Steven Kemper
Piano: John Mayhood

Intermedia Festival, Indianapolis, 4/24/10: “Six Ecoacoustic Percussion Quintets” and “Ice Prints” for piano with Media and Internet]

“Six Ecoacoustic Quintets”:  “No.1 Water (ice)”, “No.2 Wood (pitch)”, No.3 Stone (sand)”, No.4 Metal (noise)”, “No.5 Air (breath)” “No.6 Skin (bones)”

Ensemble 64.8 Percussion Group (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Dr. Morris Palter, Director, with Shawn Savageau, Eric Retterer, Trevor Saint and Brandon Thomas
Telematic Collective (IUPUI) Scott Deal, Director, with Adam Batrich, Kevin Celebi, Josh Demaree, Ashley Rogers, Kara Commons, Jessica Gelinas, Brenden Riha, and Ben Rogge.
Lily Popova, Piano
Jordan Munson, Live Media

Ensemble 64.8, from left: Shawn Savageau, Trevor Saint, Morris Palter, Brandon Thomas, Eric Retterer

Ear to the Earth Festival, New York, 10/31/10: From “Six Ecoacoustic Percussion Quintets: “No. 1 Water/Ice” and “No. 5 Air/Breath”; “Ice Prints” (piano solo), “Wind Prints” (Mixed Wind Ensemble), “Cloudprints” (mixed ensemble), “Auksalaq” and and  “Unganaqtuq Nuna” (Voice); with Internet, NOMAD, and Media]
Presented by the Electronic Music Foundation in cooperation with the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University
Venue and Time: Frederick Lowe Theater, New York University, 5 p.m.

Joan LaBarbara, Voice
Shiau-uen Ding, Piano
Margaret Lancaster, Flute
Yael Acher, Flute
Sean Phillip Arawjo, Flute

New York University Steinhardt Percussion Ensemble, Jonathan Haas, Director: Evan Glickman, Jeremy Lowe, Carson Moody, Becky Reid and Frank Tyl

New York University Steinhardt New Music Ensemble, Esther Lamneck, Director; Kim Everett, Conductor: Patricia Billings, Wan-Chien Chang, Anthony Ciccone, Alina Freiman, Gina Izzo, Ku Yeon Kang, Kyungyon Kim, SooA Kim, Kristine Kruta, Tessa Sacramone

Telematic Collective, IUPUI, Scott Deal, Director: Dan Porter, Joshua Fielder, Nate Dominy, Mick Kelly and Hang Yu

IT Coordination: Chuiyuan Meng
New York University Steinhardt Technical Coordination: Tom Beyer
Live Media: Jordan Munson, Scott Deal
NOMAD Operations: Matthew Burtner, Steven Kemper, David Topper of the IMRG
Produced by Suzanne Thorpe, Associate Director, Electronic Music Foundation; and Scott Deal

Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), Indianapolis, 11/11/10: From “Six Ecoacoustic Percussion Quintets”: “No. 2 Wood (pitch)” and “No. 5 Air (breath)”]

Morris Palter, Scott Deal, and Ensemble 64.8: Fiona Digney, Eric Retterer, Trevor Saint and Shawn Savageau

Zerospace Performance and Conference on Distance and Interaction with Music, 2/18/11; Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee: “Iceprints” for three pianos and three-channel sub-ice ecoacoustics]
Composition and computer audio: Matthew Burtner; Aurie Hsu (University of Virgina), John Frederick Mayhood (University of Virginia), and Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), pianists. Click here for conference proceedings and program.